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Every business desires growth, and to achieve that, it needs to make more profit. That’s why every company needs Business Innovation Facility to accomplish that growth.

About Us

Business Innovation Facility helps merchants and large organizations apply customer-centric tools and design methods to developing, validating, and prototyping new business models that spur growth. One way we achieve this is by extending design thinking’s customer-centric nature to the viability phase of your company’s innovation process.

generating various new solutions to identified problems

Business Innovation Facility applies design research methods like ethnography, which implies studying people and their specific environments. We also use abductive reasoning through careful observations to help draw critical insights that’ll enable us to create business models to suit your customers’ needs.

Simply put, we ensure that customer-centricity remains at the heart of each innovation project for our diverse clients. We do this by preventing the typical “business as usual” mindset from altering the transition from customers’ needs to expected organization goals.

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The Benefits of Business Innovation Facility

Innovation is critical for businesses to survive and thrive in today’s competitive marketplace. The Business Innovation Facility (BIF) was created to help businesses incubate and commercialize new ideas. The BIF provides access to funding, expert advice, and resources to help businesses turn their innovative ideas into reality. Through the BIF,

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Avoid These Mistakes That Kill Innovation

Innovation is the lifeblood of any company. Without it, you’ll be left in the dust by your competitors and unable to keep up with customer demands. But innovation doesn’t just happen on its own – it takes hard work and a lot of mistakes along the way.

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How to succeed in the digital age

What does it mean to succeed in the digital age?  It means that you are able to adapt to change. The digital age is a time of great opportunity. It’s also a time that can be filled with uncertainty and confusion. How do we stay relevant in this ever-changing world?

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Why Your Organization Needs to Work With Business Innovation Facility

Business Innovation Facility offers design and innovation strategies to help your organization achieve growth and increased sales. Our business design incorporates design thinking and working approaches that make the customer the center of the entire design process while concentrating on creating profitable business growth models for your organization.

Simply put, we work to translate your great business ideas into making money for your organization while contributing to its growth in the long run. Additionally, we employ our business design to help you solve critical challenges specific to your organization and market niche. We achieve this by generating various new solutions to identified problems and designing ecosystems that capture and deliver value for your business and its customers.