Innovation Facility: Advanced Technology Power Washer

There is the power of technology and innovation. Remember the ancient days where you have to take time and scrub surface until you get blisters and muscle pain all over your body. In this era, you only opt for this as a choice. There are powerful washers available in the market to take care of all your cleaning needs with minimal effort. An internet search about how to power wash a driveway or how to pressure wash without a pressure washer gives you unlimited options on technology-based power washers. Here are the five most powerful washers in 2019 according to Amazon. Whether you need one for an indoor cleaning or outdoor cleaning you can never go wrong with any of these power washers.

Karcher K7 premium plus home

This is a power washer designed with multiple cleaning layers ideal for commercial cleaning service. Although it costs a dime, it gives you value for money. Just the design itself explains its innovation and technology included in its development. The LCD monitor displays the current mode and notifications including errors. Its performance of 550l/hr flow rate gives it a name in the technology industry. It has a hose length of 10 m and weights about 18kg with a maximum pressure of 180 bar. It is recommended for the high –end and commercial cleaning operations.


This is a washer designed for cars and bicycles due to the flexibility of the hose length. The portable and lightweight appliance is ideal for outdoor cleaning services. With its flow rate of 390l/hr and a maximum pressure of 100 bar, you are sure of the best service from a technology-based washer. Its sleek design and color tell you of the innovation facility used by the developer.

Karcher K2

When you are working on a budget and still need a power washer for home use then this is the best option. It is affordable and comes with accessories to provide unlimited power washer cleaning services. It s main disadvantage if the small gun and short hose which limits usage for commercial cleaning functions. The maximum flow rate it boasts of is 360 liters per hours while the maximum pressure is 110 bar. It is ideal to use it for your garden and just thorough cleaning operations within the home.

Bosch AQT X

When looking for a power washer with a touch of class in design and performance then you have the right option here. It boasts of high performance with the following specifications. A maximum flow rate and a maximum pressure of 450 liters per hour and 140 bar respectively. The 22kg appliance has inbuilt technological functions which aid its work. The detachable accessories are the main reason that gives it a touch of innovation for it makes work easy to change them to suit the current cleaning needs.


This is a power washer with full wireless control to a point you can have your comfort and still direct it to the cleaning areas. The 13-kilogram power washer has a flow rate of up to 450 liters an hour and a pressure of up to 140 bar. Its performance is defined by the high-end motor that runs the systems to achieve its cleaning goals. There is a switch which changes the mode to suit your desire at that time which makes it ideal for both home and commercial use. Although the plastic lining may be delicate when handled with care you will enjoy using this machine to get a spotless surface after clean up.

There are many options for powerful washers with modern technologies. It is upon you to consider your budget and also determine its use- home or commercial- to give you the best choice of a modern washer with inbuilt innovation and technology systems.