8 Tips for Improving Your Janitorial Service Business

Home cleaning services is an ideal business for small scale firms. With low entry cost and potentially high number of commercial and residential clients, janitorial service is an entirely profitable venture for individuals without huge finances.

Even though cleaning services are required all year long, growing requires smart marketing and continuous business innovation. Staying relevant is essential for growth, innovating on how you provide solutions to people’s cleaning needs will help you expand.

Whether you just started or have been in the business for some time, here we have put together a list of things that can help you become better with the service you provide.

Define How Your Business Should Look

When starting in business, most of your goals and objectives, what you hope to achieve in your business, are always spelled out. But it’s easy to get carried away with the busy days, trying to meet up with business demands, and your business goals seem suspended.

It’s necessary, from time to time, to sit back and look at what your goal for your business is, and ensure you’re still working towards achieving them. Periodic checks will help you determine what line of action you need to come closer to your goal.

Your objective could be as simple as customer satisfaction. But you must be conscious about it and know who your ideal customer is if you must achieve your goals.

Be Unique, Not Generic

In any market, customers are looking for what stands you out of the crowd, especially in a crowded market. They want to know what you can offer, that makes you better than every other person in the market. The cleaning business is so crowded that you have to be unique.

You can start by listening to your competitors. Find out what your competitors are doing and how they’re doing it. Use market reviews to find out what’s people’s opinions on your competitor’s services. It’ll help you identify where customers are dissatisfied.

Armed with information on customer dissatisfaction with your competitors, you can step in to provide what’s lacking. You can offer flexible services, for instance, if your competitors run rigid services. Offer to come in at your customer’s best convenience, say over the weekend, to provide your service.

Build Confidence and Show Expertise

Customers are more comfortable when an expert is handling their job. They believe an expert can hardly go wrong in his career. You have to show your customers that you’re an expert at what you do.

Identify your target customers and build a relationship with them. Create blog posts, make social media presence, send newsletters, engage with them completely. Provide information and video content about cleaning services. Let your audience understand you have in-depth knowledge of the service you provide.

You are convincing your target customers about your expertise through informative content. It’ll place you ahead of your competitors in the market. Customers will want to come to you, seeing you have expert knowledge of your business.

Market Yourself

Talk about what you do to people around you, friends, family members. Visit construction sites, talk to estate agents, visit churches and malls and offices within your locality, post fliers, and posters, and generally talk about your business.

Go to community events and sponsorship opportunities. Festivals, fairs, local events, among others, are your opportunity to meet people and homeowners in your community and talk to them about the service you offer.

Digital and online marketing platforms are vast. Facebook ads, email marketing, targeted ads, all add up to increase your number of customers.

Protect Your Business Office from Theft

Have a location where you’ll store all your tools and equipment for work. Ensure your office is safe and protected from theft and burglary. Weld a fence to provide extra protection for your pieces of equipment and machinery that can’t be stored indoors. If you’re considering going the DIY route, be sure to use a portable weld and associated accessories, such as welding helmets with remarkable vision accuracy. That way, you get to protect your eyes and still have a clear view of the project you’re welding.

Upsell Other Services to Your Customers

Beyond cleaning services, take your time to look around your client’s home, for instance, identify and point out other repairs the house can use. You can locate lousy electricity connections, spoilt kitchen sink, a blocked drainage system, rusted and weak protectors, and any needed repairs in the house.

Identify and point out any of these faults to your client, and offer to help with repairs or replacement. Assure your clients that you have professionals to handle whatever repairs or replacements their homes need. You’ll not only be making yourself indispensable, but you’ll also be establishing strong bonds with your customers.

Build Collaboration with Other Service Providers for a Commission

If you position yourself as the handy guy among your customers, it’s right to collaborate with other service providers that’ll do the actual work you are offering.

It’s essential to work with only business owners with credibility and expertise. Having another person’s negligence put a dent on your reputation isn’t acceptable. Whoever you work with must deliver the best job.

Network More

Join a community of entrepreneurs within your community and expand your network. You will get new and better insights from young business owners like yourself, on better ways of positioning yourself for business opportunities.

Attend meetups and be available for hangouts. There’s no better way of building a network than going out there to network.

Go to events organized for, or by your target customers. You’ll have better opportunities to create a network with the clients you hope to serve.

Finally, janitorial services are profitable if you adopt the best approach.