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The Hub provides a space for practitioners to connect and gain new insights to help their inclusive business ventures grow.

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Resources from the Facility

Materials and resources produced by the Business Innovation Facility

126 Jan 28
Adding value to innovation? Lessons on donor support to inclusive business from the Business Innovation Facility pilot
by Practitioner Hub

Project Resources from the Facility

15 Aug 5, 2013
Project Resource: BoP Consumers - getting the right product to the right people
by Inclusive Business Hub team

Resources from Innovations Against Poverty

87 Apr 2
Project Profile: Banapads
by Practitioner Hub

Resources from the Practitioner Hub

43 Apr 3
April 2014 news from the Practitioner Hub: Celebrating Unconventional Business
by Practitioner Hub

Other inclusive business sites and initiatives

online communities, networks, blogs and other relevant initiatives

14 Jul 24, 2013
UNDP: Inclusive Business Finance Field Guide 2012
by Practitioner Hub

Financing inclusive business

Information and advice regarding sources of finance for inclusive business and impact investing

11 Apr 14
The Impact Programme Annual Report 2013
by Practitioner Hub

Recent practice, evolving agendas

Information and resources about the role for business in development

37 Mar 18
DCED: PSD Synthesis Note 'Current debates on inclusive business models'
by Practitioner Hub


Information and resources about partnerships for sustainable development

17 Jul 31, 2013
Partnering for Change - PPNPs
by Inclusive Business Hub team

Case studies

Organisations and data bases providing inclusive business case studies

12 Nov 29, 2011
GIIN case study - impact investing in Mtanga Farm
by Practitioner Hub


How-to guides for practitioners working on inclusive business

9 Jan 19, 2011
Inclusive business guide - How to develop business and fight poverty
by Carolin Schramm

Measuring impacts and results

Information and resources about measuring impact of business interventions

28 May 2, 2013
Measuring impact for impact - Caroline Ashley's presentation @ BFP Impact event
by Inclusive Business Hub team

Inclusive business in India

6 Aug 26, 2011
SELCO India: Solar Lighting for the Poor
by Practitioner Hub

Inclusive business in Nigeria

17 Dec 14, 2012
RTC Business and Economic Review 2012 - Nigeria
by Inclusive Business Hub team

Inclusive business in Bangladesh

26 Aug 13, 2013
Event Materials: Partnering for inclusive business workshop, Bangladesh
by Inclusive Business Hub team

Inclusive business in Zambia

24 Apr 10, 2013
Zambia Inclusive Business Knowledge exchange event - March 2013 - IAP Presentation
by Practitioner Hub

Inclusive business in Malawi

21 Nov 7, 2013
Event Materials: Health and Agricultural microinsurance workshop, Malawi
by Inclusive Business Hub team

Supply chains and value Chains

Business models that develop, or adapt existing, supply and distribution chains so as to increase the participation of low-income producers, informal traders and employees;

19 Oct 4, 2011
Value Chains for Pro-Poor Development, and IIED Report
by Inclusive Business Hub team

BOP products and services

Business models that develop new, or adapt existing, products and services needed by the poor and/or enable greater access to these products & services to the poor

10 Feb 25, 2013
GAIN Business Alliance Forum, London 2012: Forum Report
by Inclusive Business Hub team

Climate-smart and low carbon growth

Low carbon and/or climate resilient business models that lead to direct positive impacts for the poor

15 Aug 8, 2013
BCtA Resource Guide: Inclusive Business and Energy
by Inclusive Business Hub team

Internal change, making the case

13 May 18, 2012
From blueprint to scale: the case for philanthropy in impact investing
by Practitioner Hub


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